Benefits Of A Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing is skyrocketing in popularity due to the various advantages it offers over other roofing options. Not only does it offer enhanced durability over traditional options, but they are more energy-efficient and safer. Below, we will be going over why metal roofing has become such a great alternative roofing option for homeowners and why you should choose Pittsburgh Roofing Connection for your Metal Roof Installation.

Benefits Of Metal Roof Installation:

1. Durability

Tired of having a roof that you constantly have to worry about? Metal roofing can alleviate any need for concern even during the harshest storms. This is due to a lot of metal roofs being able to sustain strong gusts of wind exceeding 140 miles per hour. Along with this, they happen to be much more impact resistant than most of the other roofing options that you could be considering. They also won’t require the same routine maintenance that you would need to invest time, energy, and money into with other types of roofing materials. The high-level durability they offer allows metal roofs to last as long as 70 years depending on the metal material that is chosen.

2. Energy Efficient

Nowadays, it has become more important than ever to make smarter environmentally-friendly choices in just about everything. The same holds true with your building materials. Because metal roofs are largely recycled, choosing a metal roof can benefit the environment compared to other roofing materials that contribute to landfills. However, there is a side benefit of having an environmentally-friendly roof that can help keep your costs down. Metal roofs have the ability to reflect heat which can effectively reduce your home’s cooling costs during the warmest of months.

3. Safety

Metal as a material is much safer than some of the other traditional roofing materials. This is due to the fact that metal is noncombustible which means it is not going to burst into flames and it will have the highest fire-resistance rating.

4. Aesthetics

Metal as a roofing material is very sleek. The advancements in recent years have allowed metal roofing materials to be manufactured in a large variety of different colors which makes it an incredibly versatile material to improve the aesthetics of your home. In fact, you will find metal roofing in over 100 different colors. Whereas, a material like asphalt shingles will offer much less.

We offer professional consultation and installation of metal roofs. We have experts on staff to consult with you to discuss your options and to figure out if choosing a metal roof would be preferable in your situation. There are a variety of different types of metal roofing we offer. Each project we complete we are sure to utilize only the highest quality metal materials. We pride ourselves on being the best company for installing metal roofing in Pittsburgh. If you are looking to take advantage of the many benefits that metal roofing can offer, call us today at (412) 232-5405. We look forward to helping transform your home like we have done many others in the Pittsburgh area.